Hardboiled Chicken
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The Original Cock of War

Full Name

Hardboiled Chicken




Rocketbirds: Revolution!




The Chicken Rebellion
Formerly: Penguin Army (Under Controlled)


Physcial Combat
Brain Bugs

Voice Actor

Sian Yue Tan

Appears in

Rocketbirds: Revolution!
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

Concept and Creation

Hardboiled Chicken Concept

Sian Yue Tan started Hardboiled Chicken out (D1) looking like the prototype Hardboiled Chicken with no real neck, stocky body and a single wattle. He tried going for an Earthworm Jim-like (D2), but thought that a chicken soldier needed a bandana to cover his comb. Yue also gave him two wattles and sideburns, and removed the bottom beak to simplify his talking animation. He saw Behind Enemy Lines, so Yue hooked him up in a track suit – then a biker suit (D3). Yue found that something still wasn’t right. An executioner look (D4) and did the trick for Hardboiled Chicken (D5).


The original Cock of War, a chicken so tough, he survived being boiled as a fetus. In his past as a child, he ran away from a city that was being terrorized by the Penguins. The Penguins caught up to him and he was captured, mind controlled and receives masterful training by the Penguin Army.


Hardboiled Chicken is a mild-mannered, stone-cold Penguin killer. He have always been a light grey color, like a hard-boiled egg.


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Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

Hardboiled Chicken returns in the sequel to face once again the dastardly Penguin despot Putzki and the Penguin Army, as well as the newly Transdimensional Space Owls.



Chapter 2

  • Hey! I see fake versions of myself! I must be seeing double! - Upon seeing clones of him.
  • Hey! That's mine! | What the? | Wellp... It's time for some Jetpaction! - Spotting his Jetpack, then a blimp and goes after the blimp.

Chapter 4

  • I can't believe I fell for that. I must be getting old. - After he walks into a cell.
  • Still wearing the black star I see. - Spots it on Agent Brno's forehead.

Chapter 7

  • Is that my Jetpack? That can only mean one thing!And there's two of them this time! - Spots his Jetpack and goes after the blimps.

Chapter 13

  • Hey Baby, I've missed you. I knew this was coming. One last time... | Gotta make this count! - Sees his Jetpack once more and goes after the rocket.

Chapter 15

  • Reap the whirlwind asshole! Reap it! - After his battle against Agent Brno.
  • Wellp... That's that. - After he overthrows Putzki.
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