Herwig Maurer
Herwig Maurer


Austrian native Herwig Maurer is a true Renaissance man and multi-media artist: 100% self-taught, his eclectic career continues to morph and transform across a wide rage of territories.


Herwig Maurer was born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, the stomping grounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  While classical music training at an early age was mandatory for little Herwig, it did not stop him from fronting and producing the punk rock band Fast Last Circus.  In his later teens, he transitioned into electronic music. As his club-hit records were championed by influential DJs like John Digweed and Carl Cox, he began his studies of music production and film scoring at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.  

Moving to Los Angeles in the late Nineties, Herwig's focus shifted to the film industry. He joined the sound team for Mel Gibson's infamous Passion of the Christ as well as Apocalypto (Academy-Award nomination for best sound).  Work with other influential directors like Denzel Washington and Eli Roth ensued.

Expanding his horizons, Herwig composed film scores (award nomination for Zen & Zero), licensed compositions to television shows like CSI, released his signature space-rock music on major and independent labels with bands Mankind Liberation Front and New World Revolution, produced everything from folk artist Simone White to Iranian rock sensation Hypernova, and even was featured as the playable character "Agent H" in the PS3 game Rocketbirds. 

Since 2003 Herwig's Venice, California-based production company Pacific N3xus Media has offered sound and music production services to clients like RCA, Walt Disney, Showtime, SONY, Pepsi, Buena Vista Pictures, EMI, Fox, TEVA, Lionsgate, Warner Bros., Icon, Screen Gems, FX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Red Bull Media House.


Recent accomplishments include an Academy Award nomination for his sound editorial work on Mel Gibson's epic Apocalypto, his original photography published in magazines like Rolling Stone and Alternative Press and showcased alongside works of Picasso, Basquiat, Dennis Hopper and Yoko-Ono at Lladro Gallery in Beverly Hills, a Best Original Score nomination for his surf-psychedelia soundtrack on the road flick Zen & Zero, published portraits of Daniel Pinchbeck for his latest work "2012 - Return of Quetzalcoatl", and ongoing guerilla art and community events at his Pacific N3xus Gallery in Venice Beach.

Year Award Category Production Result
2006 X-Dance Awards Best Original Soundtrack Zen & Zero Nominated
2007 Academy Awards Best Original Sound Apocalypto Nominated

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